It’s the world’s worst kept secret. The IT industry is in the throws of a talent crisis. The skills gap is real, and it’s only getting worse. As a result, companies struggle to find qualified candidates to fill open positions, and the war for top talent is only getting more fierce.


Fortunately, staff augmentation can be a valuable solution for companies and organizations who need help with their IT department but want to hire intelligently.


What is IT Staff Augmentation?


IT staff augmentation supplements an organization’s existing workforce with additional staff, usually on a temporary or project basis. For companies and organizations struggling to connect with local talent to fill these open positions, IT Staff Augmentation through a nearshore provider expands the talent pool, providing access to a team of highly-skilled IT professionals.


Instead of delaying projects due to a lack of in-house resources, IT staff augmentation puts your project back into play.


For one-time, limited, or extended projects, IT staff augmentation offers a cost-effective approach for fast-tracking initiatives, getting products to market quickly, and increasing ROI. It is also a practical approach to fill short-term gaps in staffing due to attrition, leaves of absence, or unexpected spikes in demand.


How Does IT Staff Augmentation Work? 


IT staff augmentation streamlines finding and hiring IT talent. Working with a nearshore provider like Yuxi Global, companies and organizations can identify the specific skills and experience they need from a candidate to get the job done right.


Yuxi Global maintains a diverse and experienced talent pool of IT professionals from leading universities and training programs throughout Latin America.


Yuxi Global’s team of IT experts can provide support for a variety of needs, including but not limited to:


  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Network Administration And Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data And Analytics
  • Project Management


The Yuxi Global team is equipped to handle projects of all sizes and can provide short-term or long-term support, depending on your needs.

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 How Finding The Best Person For The Job Helps Your Company Grow

Since nearshore companies typically maintain similar work hours, and all candidates are comfortable speaking English, many of the bottlenecks of working with offshore providers, such as language barriers or time zone differences, get removed. 


As you might imagine, this helps to streamline collaboration and increase productivity.


In addition, working with a nearshore provider can also help you to avoid the common mistakes made when hiring IT staff, such as:


  • Failing to identify the specific skills and experience needed for the job.
  • Not having a clear understanding of the company culture and what type of person would be a good fit.
  • Not taking the time to interview candidates thoroughly.
  • Not having a plan for onboarding and integrating new employees into the company structure. 


By working with a nearshore provider, you can avoid these common mistakes and be confident that you are hiring the right person for the job. In addition, a project or account manager will work with you to understand your specific needs and help you to find the best candidates for your open positions.


So whether you’re a startup tackling a new project or a large enterprise struggling to find the right IT talent, staff augmentation can help you get the job done on time and within budget.


Accelerate IT Development Processes


Technology moves fast, so agile companies and organizations need to be able to make moves when the opportunity presents itself. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible when an IT department gets bogged down with mundane tasks such as managing user accounts or keeping the network running smoothly.


IT Staff augmentation helps fill talent gaps but can also be used to free up your in-house IT team if you have one. In doing so, you empower them to focus on more strategic initiatives.


For instance, if your company is looking to develop a new mobile app, you will need someone with the specific skills and experience necessary to get the job done right. If you don’t have an in-house team member to fulfill this project, there’s a good chance this project will get put to the wayside until you can hire full-time.


With staff augmentation, you can quickly and easily find the right person for the job and get your project operational without delay. So whether you have one significant project or smaller items you’ve been meaning to get to, staff augmentation can help you accomplish these tasks without disrupting your day-to-day operations.


Save Money On Training And Recruiting Costs


Not surprisingly, it can take significant time and resources to onboard a new employee. And if you’re not confident that you’ve found the right person for the job, this process can waste time and money.


And the only thing that might be more disastrous is trying to find a freelancer who, despite their best efforts, is not a good fit for the job or your company culture.


With staff augmentation, you can avoid both scenarios by working with an experienced team who invests time to recognize your unique needs and help you find the right talent for the job, regardless of which IT roles you need to fill.


If your human resource department is overwhelmed with paperwork, the last thing they need is more responsibility to handle the details of recruiting, training, and onboarding new employees. When this happens, it’s a time when staff augmentation can remove some of the duties from your internal HR team.


And as it applies to payroll, working with a staff augmentation provider is often more cost-effective than hiring a full-time employee, as you only pay for the services you need and not the overhead associated with benefits and other full-time costs.


How To Implement Best Practices For Successful IT Staff Augmentation


Undoubtedly, IT staff augmentation can help you save time and money while increasing productivity. But as with anything, you should follow certain best practices to ensure success.


First, communication is key between all parties. When working with any external provider, ensure they clearly understand the project requirements, timelines, and expectations. The more effectively you communicate with everyone on your team, the more successful your project will be.


For instance, if you or the project manager require weekly online meetings with all team members, the sooner you lay out this expectation, the better. You can avoid miscommunication or misunderstanding by getting everyone on the same page.


 And if a potential candidate is unable or unwilling to commit to meeting set project requirements, the person likely isn’t the best fit for the job in the first place.


Establishing a clear and concise process for managing tasks and tracking progress keeps everything on track. In addition, the project manager should provide regular updates on the team’s progress and any potential roadblocks they encounter.


Additionally, it’s essential to set realistic expectations for the project. Trying to accomplish too much in too little time is a recipe for disaster. Instead, break the project down into manageable tasks and set deadlines accordingly. By setting reasonable milestones and keeping everyone on the team updated, you can avoid project delays and ensure a successful outcome.


Getting to know each team member can help manage expectations and avoid potential conflicts. Building relationships with team members can quickly identify their strengths and weaknesses. And if you need to give constructive feedback, approaching the conversation from a place of mutual respect will result in a more positive outcome.


Be sure to allow time for testing before taking the project live. Testing is vital for software development projects. By thoroughly testing the finished product, you can avoid potential glitches, bugs, and other unexpected behavior that causes customer satisfaction issues down the road.


And finally, don’t forget to conduct a post-mortem review of the project once it’s complete. This review is an opportunity to evaluate what went well and identify any areas for improvement. By reviewing the project, you can learn from your mistakes and take away valuable lessons that you can apply to future IT staff augmentation projects.


Following these best practices can ensure a successful outcome for your IT staff augmentation project. And by working with a reputable provider, you can find the right talent for the job and avoid the hassle of managing the recruitment process yourself.


Find The Right Skills For IT Staff Augmentation When You Need Them


IT staff augmentation can be an excellent solution for companies and organizations of all sizes who need IT support but don’t have the internal resources to do the job.


At Yuxi Global, we focus on understanding your specific needs and finding the right person for the job, regardless of which IT roles you need to fill. Our diverse talent pool and wealth of industry experience allow us to provide the best possible candidates for your project.


Contact us to discover more about how the professionals at Yuxi Global can help you save time and money while increasing productivity.