As a leading nearshore IT development company, Yuxi Global provides high-quality IT services at a competitive price. Our customer-oriented team of competent programmers, dedicated project managers, and expert customer service team work together to deliver prompt and timely delivery on development projects of all sizes and scopes.


Your Project Is In Capable Hands


From outsourcing your programming needs to completing IT infrastructure management, we have the skill set to manage any aspect of your business. So let us take the burden of development and IT off your shoulders. We can handle all your technology needs.


The Blueprint Design Development team at Yuxi Global provides comprehensive full-cycle development services and product support for clients in several industries. We specialize in developing custom applications, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, and e-commerce solutions.


If you need a technical solution for a business problem, our team has the know-how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. However, our client’s needs are always priority number one. For that reason, we tailor our services to fit their budgets and schedules.


Whether you need a new website, an enterprise resource planning system, or a mobile app, we have the experienced team to get the job done right.

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We’re Here For You When You Need Us


Regardless of the day or time, we are always happy to answer questions and provide clients with the personalized service they deserve. And that means only the best.


As firm believers in the internet of things, IoT, and all it promises for the future, we’re pleased to help our clients move forward. We are constantly exploring new technologies and thinking of ways our clients can potentially use them to improve their businesses.


Our Mission


To provide high-quality IT services that exceed our clients’ expectations.


Our Vision


To be a leading provider of nearshore IT services.


Our Values


Integrity, accountability, teamwork, and excellence.

Yuxi Global is the perfect partner for your nearshore IT needs. 


We have the experience and expertise to provide high-quality services at a competitive price. Contact us now to discover how our comprehensive range of IT services can help you grow your business.


The Yuxi Global Advantage


When you Yuxi Global for your IT and software development needs, you can expect:


  • High-quality IT services at a competitive price
  • A customer-oriented team of competent programmers
  • Dedicated project managers and expert customer service representatives
  • Prompt and timely delivery on all projects
  • Ongoing support and maintenance for all our products
  • A hassle-free experience from start to finish!


Global Offices Close The Gap


With offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, we provide our clients with the global reach to succeed. Our international presence allows us to be where our clients need us when they need us.


Yuxi Global is the perfect partner for your nearshore IT development needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business.


Knowledge Is Power


Cloud computing has changed the way the world does business. It’s time to take advantage of all the possibilities that the cloud has to offer.


As a leader in cloud computing services, Yuxi Global works as your partner to take your business to the next level. Our experts collaborate with each client to develop a custom solution that meets their specific needs.


We offer a wide range of cloud computing services, including:


  • Cloud consulting
  • Cloud strategy
  • Cloud architecture
  • Cloud migrations
  • Cloud security
  • And more!


Maximize Your Data With Nearshore IT Development


While you might not immediately think so, data is the most valuable asset your company owns. So it’s time to start using it to your advantage.


Yuxi Global offers a comprehensive suite of data management services, including:


  • Data consulting
  • Data strategy
  • Data architecture
  • Data migrations
  • Data security
  • And more!


Our experienced data specialists will work with you to develop a custom solution that meets your specific needs. So when you partner with Yuxi Global, you can rest assured that your data is in good hands. 


We Put You First


No matter what services you need, our number one priority is always providing the best possible experience for our clients. Our dedication to customer satisfaction always includes going the extra mile to ensure that our clients are happy with the final product.


Yuxi Global is the perfect partner for all your cloud computing needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your business to the next level.


We are excited to speak with you soon!