Who We Are

Recruiting, Training, Development, and Placement

We have nurtured and continue to maintain partnerships with universities across Colombia and around Latin America. That means we have had the opportunity to build curriculum, host code jams (hackathons), and recruit the top talent from the top technology programs. We hire the top 2-3 percent, but coding skills are not all we look for. We also scout for soft/social communications skills that align with our dedication to cultural flexibility and adaptability.

Our internal seeder program serves as a fertile training ground, fostering technical talent development for up to six months before we start plugging team members into existing teams and projects. That gives them the critical comfort level and confidence to contribute immediately.

Finally, we go beyond collegiate recruiting to find and recruit the top subject matter experts and custom software developers in the field. We constantly seek specific talent that is already established to join our team to address specialized client needs and help develop the next generation of experts. That’s not something we wait for our clients to request. Hiring and building talent is our steady-state, so we’re ready when you need us.


Location Matters

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Because custom software development takes close collaboration, clear communication, and a sometimes intense workload, location really does matter. Here are some of the main ways our clients benefit from our operations centers across Latin America:

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Timezone Efficiencies

Our operations centers spend half the year on Eastern time and the other half on Central time. With a 45-hour workweek, we easily cover both U.S. coasts and everything in between. We also pack more productivity into fewer days with our extended schedule relative to the standard U.S. workweek.

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Ease of Travel

Just three to four hours from our Miami office, our staff of custom software developers can make great connections and focus the bulk of their time on clients instead of travel. It’s easy for you to reach them for a visit as well. Additionally, we operate in countries that do not require visas to get to the U.S. for short visits and will provide passports and visas for up to 6 months per year.

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Language Alignment

English is our official language for both internal and external purposes. All senior employees are bilingual, and our more junior staff can read and write English. We also provide them weekly training to help them learn and gain proficiency in speaking English.

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Cultural Alignment

Professionals in Latin America enjoy a great cultural affinity with the U.S. We follow most of the same media, consume the same content, and share the same business language. That means we have a common understanding of workplace dynamics as well as sports, music, movies, and other topics that often form the basis of comfortable working relationships. It’s all about how we relate to one another just as if we were in the same city.