Nearshore Staff Augmentation

for Software Development

The pace of innovation and the ebb and flow of software development projects make it challenging for any company to maintain just the right staff in-house at all times. You need to be able to scale up quickly to deliver the optimal technology, streamline efficiency for cost management, and shift gears in a heartbeat to capture and capitalize on the next opportunity. Seamlessly executed nearshore staff augmentation and outsourcing services can be the secret to your success.

Yuxi Global brings the top talent and technologies from across Latin America with the ability to integrate our staff augmentation and outsourcing services into your existing structure and work model, instantly accelerating and amplifying your capacity to deliver. Whether you need ongoing support for product maintenance, project support for product development, or any level of innovation support, we are your team-next-door to lend a neighborly hand.


Serving Our US Neighbors to the North

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Our broad network of professionals from the top technology schools/programs across Latin America paired with our capacity to source and develop deep expertise in specific technology platforms means you have access to the right team for any and every project.

Proximity and Timezones

We have offices in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and Costa Rica, sharing time zones with the United States from coast to coast. We staff them with the best-of-the-best for staff augmentation, product development, and outsourced services to the US.

Productivity and Cost Efficiency

The standard of 180 working hours per month in Latin America versus 160 in the United States allows us to get more done in the same project timeframe. That and a labor cost savings of up to 40% compared to US rates means you get incredible bang for your technology buck with our nearshore staff augmentation services.

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It’s more than talent. We pride ourselves on working within your cultural comfort zone, aligned from language and tone to work ethic and character. We quickly adapt to your style and reflect your spirit for a comfortable, productive working relationship.


Don’t let your current staffing level and skillset hold you back from growth.
Chances are, we’ve already hired and trained just the right people to jump in and move your project forward.

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Our staff augmentation capacity is not limited to a certain scope or scale of need. Our deep talent pool to support virtually any tech stack means we can serve up that one key professional that will complete your team, or we can be your team.


Sometimes you need a project manager to keep things moving. We got you. Sometimes you just need more hands-on deck. Consider it done. Our team bolsters your team as needed from management to execution.


We work how you work. Teams use methodologies like lean, agile, and waterfall, yet each company and software development project finds its own rhythm. We adapt to you, starting with a proof of concept and quickly expanding to achieve your goals.


We’ve already climbed the learning curve to allow us to hit the ground running. You can piggy-back on our expertise, training, and talent pool to accelerate development and success.

Technologies Covered

With more than 15 years in nearshore software development and staff augmentation, we are ready for just about anything. We cover virtually all widely adopted technologies and some that are up-and-coming too.


How do we stay ahead of the curve? We are constantly recruiting and training the next class of leaders in software development. We’re dedicated to knowing the latest and the greatest, and to sharing that know-how with the best and the brightest.


Change is constant, especially in the world of technology software development. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have consistency. When you work with Yuxi for staff augmentation, you can be confident that we’re up-to-date on the nuances of the latest technology, grounded in tribal knowledge, and experienced in the challenges you’re facing. That means your team doesn’t need to fluctuate even as technology changes.

Services Related to Staff Augmentation

Our service offerings cover the full range of software projects, products, processes, and staffing needs.

Project-Based Consulting

We love solving technology challenges from the cloud to data to IoT. These often require intense focus over a relatively short amount of time. Learn more about our Project-Based Consulting services.

Custom Project Development

Whether you need help building a blueprint for an idea or executing a blueprint you’ve already developed, We’ve got you covered. The flexibility we described above enables us to plug into your project at just the right spot and contribute right away, whether that means leading the product development process or taking our cues from you. Learn more about our Custom Product Development services.

Staff Augmentation Services for Software Development

If you’re ready to consider bringing in our software development professionals to augment your team, we’re ready to schedule a complimentary consultation. Contact our staffing pros today.

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