Enterprises of all sizes explore different types of consulting services to accelerate their projects and reach their KPIs faster. At Yuxi Technologies, we specialize primarily in IT project consulting. With nearly two decades of experience and clients all over the world, our passion is to deliver and execute on all your IT projects. From network assistance to fully managed IT solutions, our staff can help you strategize and execute on any IT project.

IT project consulting is our specialty, our teams can work in a cost-effective and agile manner to meet all your IT project needs.

This includes:

● Cloud Application Development and Migration
● IT Outsourcing for Data Analytics
● Internet of Things (IoT)


What are our favorite parts of IT consulting?


Variety of problems: One of the best parts of IT consulting is solving a variety of complex problems for clients. Since our company was established, we have seen countless operational and technical problems that our clients need help with. No two days of consulting are alike because we are constantly working on solving a different problem in different stages of its lifecycle. We utilize our decades of IT experience to continually solve our client’s problems faster and in a more efficient way.


Working with the latest technologies: Our company is at the forefront of the most cutting-edge technologies and we’re continuously adopting new tools in our tech stack to solve our client’s biggest projects. We currently work with over 20 DevOps, cloud, mobile and UX/UI tools in addition to several front-end and back-end technologies. Our partnerships with AWS and Microsoft also enable us to use the best cloud infrastructure for any project we embark on. Our IT staff has the competence and experience to work with any technology you use for your IT projects.

Why We Love IT Project Consulting_Bright Minds_Yuxi Global

Collaborating with bright minds: Our clients are some of the best minds and teams in the IT industry. With over 100 professionals on staff, our teams constantly work with companies based all over the world on their technical and operational needs. Our experience combined with the experience of our clients enables us to work through projects with the most agile and effective approaches. Through our teamwork with our clients, we continuously innovate on behalf of customers and help reduce any bottlenecks and overhead for our clients.


Generating results for our clients: As much as we love working on technologies and collaborating on projects, our single greatest pleasure is producing results for our clients. Throughout our decades of IT project work and consulting, we’ve seen countless different types of goals set out by our clients. We enjoy brainstorming and bouncing ideas with our clients, strategizing the project, and executing on the deliverables to produce the best results for our clients. This helps create long-standing and mutually beneficial relationships between us and our clients.


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