Software development is at the core of modern business. In addition to providing a competitive advantage, software development has enabled enterprises to lower their costs while automating their most menial tasks. This has helped free up employees’ time in addition to driving significant productivity in enterprises. As we approach 2022, several software trends are emerging ahead of the rest and will shape the industry moving forward. Here are some of the most prominent trends to expect in 2022 and beyond:


Hyperautomation: Hyperautomation is a business approach to quickly identify and automate business and IT processes. This approach to software development uses multiple tools and technologies with the ultimate goal of automating and scaling internal business processes. Examples of different technologies used in hyperautomation include no-code tools, robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more. What makes hyperautomation unique is that it actively seeks out automation opportunities. In other words, it automates automation.


Distributed enterprises: The rise of COVID over the past two years forced companies to innovate and adapt to remote work at unprecedented levels. Instead of waiting on employees to come back to the office, many companies became distributed enterprises. Gartner defines distributed enterprises as remote-first and digital-first companies. By adopting remote work, companies were able to expand their talent pool dramatically and recruit from anywhere globally. With the use of tools like Zoom, Slack, and email, enterprises built distributed teams with little to no constraints, and this helped improve software development output significantly.


Cross-development platforms: Companies have needed two separate apps for their IOS and Android users for many years. This often led to companies focusing their software development efforts on one platform and targeting the other years later. This is a costly problem and technically tricky issue for most companies. Cross-development platforms have been rising, and they are taking more prominence in 2022. With a cross-development platform, you can support both mobile platforms with one code base.

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Nearshore software development: Nearshore software development is also amongst the top software development trends in 2022. Nearshore development refers to outsourcing software development to companies close to the parent company. With nearshore development, companies can work with developers and firms located near their headquarters on projects, saving significant capital while increasing productivity.


Companies located in South America have been leading the adoption of nearshore development by U.S. firms. Companies based in the U.S. can supplement their development staff with top talent located near the U.S., and this can help accelerate their projects while controlling costs. Since nearshore companies speak English well and share the same time zones as U.S.-based companies, it’s straightforward for U.S. companies to collaborate on projects. This is often a better alternative than offshore development companies since there is a significant cultural and time zone barrier gap with U.S.-based companies.


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