The use of custom software development by enterprises has increased dramatically in the past few years. Enterprises are developing custom software to help innovate on behalf of customers and streamline their internal operations. To develop custom software faster, businesses have been exploring frameworks like DevOps to improve their development process and deploy faster. Since most competitors are already using custom software, businesses need to develop custom software faster to reduce time to market and service customers better.


Why is DevOps important in custom software development?


DevOps is the combination of development and operations in order to shorten the development lifecycle of a product. In custom software, development lifecycles can be longer due to the specific features needed to be incorporated for a given product. DevOps works to shorten the time to market for custom software products by leveraging both development and IT operations teams. Instead of having two fragmented teams of developers and operations personnel, DevOps encourages cross-team collaboration to streamline the development process of a product.

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What roles does DevOps play in software development?


Collaboration: The first role that DevOps plays in software development is facilitating collaboration between teams. In custom software development, it can be easy for teams to be siloed and work on their own portion of the product. Although this can work, it takes longer to develop the product and more iterations are required due to the lack of communication between teams. DevOps removes teams from their siloes and helps coordinate their collaborative efforts.


Deployment: DevOps directly helps enterprises deploy custom software faster. Continuous delivery is a core concept within DevOps that helps teams deploy faster. With continuous delivery, teams can use automated tools to help build, test, and iterate custom products faster. This reduces the amount of manual testing involved in the development process and teams can continuously pivot until the product is finalized.


Scale: Enterprises with large teams struggle with developing custom software efficiently. With large, dispersed teams, the time to market for a custom product can be lengthened significantly. DevOps allows teams to automate many manual tasks while ensuring development and operations teams are both aligned on the key OKRs needed to develop the product faster. The DevOps framework is one of the few development frameworks that allows large companies to move in an agile manner when creating custom software.


Product quality: Product quality is vital when it comes to custom software. Clients expect fully developed products that are tailored to their needs. DevOps allows teams to reiterate quickly and repeatedly to improve the quality of the product. With numerous iterations on the product, all bugs and deficiencies will be addressed by the time the customer uses the product. This continuous improvement facilitated by the DevOps framework allows enterprises to fine tune their custom products before clients demo the product.

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