First, let’s talk about technical debt and why it’s a significant problem for companies. Then, let’s consider why so many North American companies turn to nearshoring as the solution to minimize the potential issues of technical debt.


What Is Technical Debt?


Before going further, it’s crucial to know what technical debt is. In short, technical debt is the accumulation of coding and design shortcuts that lead to problems down the road. These shortcuts can be small, such as using a variable name that’s too generic and might conflict with another part of the codebase down the line. Or they can be more significant, such as implementing a hacky workaround to a thorny problem for a quick fix.


The excess baggage, or “debt,” of all these shortcuts accumulates over time. And eventually, the debt needs to get addressed to align for bug-free performance and expansion. 


Partnering with a nearshore software development company can streamline operations by tackling technical debt head-on with a team of experienced coders to make needed improvements. 


Diagnosing Whether Your Website Has A Technical Debt Problem


Now that you understand technical debt, the next step is to analyze whether this concern is an issue for your internal or external systems. 


There is more than one way to tell if your software has a technical debt problem.


First, you may notice that your code is difficult to maintain or update and often needs rewriting. That’s usually a sign of a high technical debt load.


Second, you may spend more time and money on bug fixes and maintenance than you would like, or that is necessary. That can also be a sign of a high technical debt load.


Finally, a symbol of high technical debt is when development takes longer than expected or when new features remain unimplemented as quickly as needed. That can be because your code is complex and unwieldy and requires a lot of time and effort to work with successfully. That’s a significant red flag that tells you you’re dealing with technical debt.


Suppose you suspect that your software has a high technical debt load. In that case, you can take a few approaches to address the problem:


  • Audit your codebase for areas where refactoring or restructuring could improve maintainability and stability.
  • Implement guidelines or standards for code quality, and enforce them through automated testing or other means.
  • Place importance on reducing technical debt in your development process, and make it a priority for your team.


If you require a comprehensive solution to your technical debt problem, nearshore software development is a great option. By partnering with a nearshore team, you can benefit from the team’s expertise and save time and money. 


So whether you are a startup company with a ton of energy behind you building the foundation for the next big thing, or you are an established company making changes ahead of the busy season, now’s the optimal time to speak with a team member to explore possibilities.


Remember that with new application development, you start with zero technical debt and an opportunity to create an industry-leading functional and aesthetically pleasing app. Build from the ground floor with a solid foundation and a long-term plan for sustainable success.


Nearshore developers are highly skilled and up-to-date on the latest coding trends, which can help your company keep pace with the competition.


The Benefits Of Nearshore Software Development


There are several practical benefits to working with a nearshore software development team. As mentioned above, nearshore teams are experts at resolving coding issues and fixing bugs. By partnering with a nearshore team, you can dramatically reduce the amount of technical debt in your codebase. That will save you valuable resources, time, and money in the long run.


Like interest, code problems compound. Unaddressed, the errors can eventually take down any project. However, following best practices and refactoring code until it’s clean and functional will keep your application running smoothly. That means a more significant profit and an improved customer experience.

Nearshore Software Development As A Solution To Technical Debt_ talent_Yuxi Global

Gain Access To Diverse Candidates Nearshore developers are highly skilled and up-to-date on the latest coding trends. By partnering with a nearshore team, you can gain access to this valuable talent pool and benefit from their expertise.


Trying to find well-suited candidates for a project is always challenging. Even worse, it can be nearly impossible for specific in-demand tech jobs. 


For companies and organizations working with limited resources, attracting, training, and retaining top software development talent may be outside your wheelhouse in more ways than one. 


Unless your company already has a large HR department focusing on software developer recruitment, you’ll be better off leveraging trusted nearshore development teams to keep expenses low and milestones reached. 


Cost SavingsNearshore development teams are often more affordable than North American ones. That alone is the most significant reason to consider the switch, especially when you add all the other tangible advantages.


It’s worth considering that the code quality is generally higher with nearshored companies. That also saves time and increases the value of the investment. On the other hand, poor production software will disappoint your customers and cost your team reputation and time to resolve.


Prompt Turnaround TimesNearshore teams typically have shorter turnaround times than outsourced or offshore teams. That means you’ll get your projects completed faster and see results sooner.


Since you’re dealing with companies and workers closer to home, there are far fewer communication gaps and language barriers to cause delays or miscommunications.


Nearshore Software Development Ensures Certified Help Without In-House Training 


Maintaining certification for popular backend and front-end application frameworks is expensive and takes time and resources. In addition, keeping an internal team running and competitive is not worth the effort for most companies with a core business outside the technology sector.


Even for tech-oriented companies, IT staffing can become burdensome. However, those are when nearshore IT staffing companies like Yuxi Global truly shine. You can rest easier knowing that IT professionals who get it right the first time are on your project.