Custom product development is the backbone of satisfying clients for modern enterprises. The modern client wants products that are tailored to their needs in addition to customers. Companies that are developing custom products need to personalize products in nearly every stage of development to meet customer demands. There are several options that companies can explore to produce custom products as cost effectively as possible. Depending on the path a company chooses, the quality of the product and cost of the project can be impacted greatly.

CUSTOM PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT TEAMS from Design to Implementation

What options do companies have for custom product development?


In-house: The first option that companies have is to do all the custom product development in-house. This means everything from design to product iterations will be done at the company’s headquarters. Although the quality of work may be high from doing the project in-house, the cost will likely be as high as well. Developers and teams based in the U.S. can cost multiples more than other options.


Offshore IT: For cost savings, an offshore IT provider is the best option. Offshore IT providers are based far from the company’s headquarters and are generally located in countries with lower standards of living. Personnel from offshore IT companies cost a fraction of in-house employees, but using offshore IT comes with its own host of issues like language barriers, time zone differences and lack of product quality.


Nearshore IT: Nearshore IT providers are partners that are located near the headquarter of the parent company. These companies often work with U.S. based companies and have a high quality of product development. There are no language barriers for these providers, and they are a much more affordable option than doing entire projects in-house.


Benefits of using nearshore IT for custom product development:


Quality of development: Quality of development with nearshore IT companies is virtually identical to U.S. based companies. Experienced nearshore IT providers have been working with U.S. based companies for decades and are extremely familiar with the development practices of the U.S. market. They have a track record of delivering custom product development projects for some of the largest organizations in the world.


Ease of collaboration: Nearshore IT companies have several advantages that make it easy for U.S. based companies to work with them. First, nearshore IT companies are based in the same time zone as the U.S. company. This makes meetings and communication seamless. Additionally, nearshore IT companies have no language barriers. This is vastly different to offshore companies where many of the staff have language and culture barriers.


Expertise: Nearshore IT providers work with many U.S. based businesses and typically have the expertise needed in terms of personnel and experience. Custom product development needs developers with expertise in different languages and development practices. Nearshore IT providers work on the latest technologies and approaches and have all of the staff needed to develop a product from start to finish.


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