Cloud computing is the backbone of the modern enterprise. In 2020, cloud computing alone generated over $300 billion for businesses and more growth is expected over the next few years. Companies of all sizes are considering migrating to cloud applications and cloud infrastructures to improve their cybersecurity while enabling their business to scale. Many businesses are still new to cloud computing and can run into many issues with migrating and using cloud applications. Outsourcing to an experienced provider can shorten the learning curve and help businesses start deploying cloud solutions for their most challenging business needs.


Common cloud computing issues

When businesses start using cloud computing solutions, there are common pitfalls they fall into. Some of them include:


  • Cloud application development: Many businesses have a variety of issues with building a cloud application for their operations or for their clients. Building a cloud solution requires different skills and expertise in comparison to building a normal product. Without the right guidance, a company can build a product without multiplatform support or with scalability issues.


  • Cloud migration: Cloud migration is another pain point for many businesses that are new to cloud computing. Although cloud migration has numerous operational and cost benefits, if it’s done incorrectly, it can cause a variety of issues for a business. A bad cloud migration can result in rewriting the application architecture in addition to many hidden costs.

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Benefits of outsourcing cloud computing


Outsourcing or consulting with an IT provider can help your company avoid common pitfalls and start using cloud computing immediately in your operations. By outsourcing to an IT provider, you can:


Integrate with your existing infrastructure: An IT provider with cloud experience will help you migrate to cloud computing by integrating with your existing infrastructure. Cloud migration can be very difficult to do and can have a ton of hidden costs like downtime. Outsourcing to an IT provider will help ensure your existing infrastructure integrates with your new cloud solutions without disrupting your business.


Save money on hiring and training: Using cloud computing in your business will require you to onboard or train staff. An IT provider already comes with all the personnel needed to work on and maintain cloud solutions. Since cloud-trained staff typically are highly salaried and in-demand, this is a huge savings for your company.


Fewer hardware costs: When you outsource to an IT provider, you don’t have to build a cloud infrastructure for your business from the ground up. An IT provider will prevent you from purchasing expensive servers, networks, routers, and other devices needed to maintain a cloud application. This alone can save your business thousands of dollars each month just on the maintenance costs needed to use cloud computing at scale.

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