The pandemic has caused a dramatic shift in how businesses approach hiring due to the rapid transition to remote work. Businesses of all sizes have started to heavily leverage staff augmentation to become more agile and to help meet their own business objectives. In fact, the IT staff augmentation market grew over 30% to $132.9 billion after the pandemic occurred. Staff augmentation has helped onboard skilled workers and meet the demands of customers.


Although staff augmentation has provided numerous benefits for enterprises, many businesses experience several key issues due to outsourcing. This includes lack of quality, differences in time zones and language barriers. Nearshore IT solves some of these key pain points in many businesses’ staff augmentation strategy.

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What is Nearshore IT?


Nearshore IT is outsourcing IT operations to countries that are in the same geographic region as the parent company. With nearshore IT, some of the largest pain points from staff augmentation are addressed directly. This allows companies to maintain a similar quality of production while reducing operational costs


Benefits of using Nearshore staff augmentation


Top talent: The most difficult part of staff augmentation for most companies is ensuring the staff they work with are competent. Although it’s very enticing to pick the lowest cost staff augmentation option, this generally leads to poor software quality and additional costs for the company. Nearshore staff augmentation ensures you work with the top talent in a region close to your headquarters. This prevents doing additional work on the outsourced projects.


Time zone: Staff augmentation can be a very disconnected process due to the differences in time zone. In many projects, rapid communication is needed to deploy software and meet client demands. This is very difficult to do with an offshore staff. A nearshore staff ensures that you are working in the same time zone and quick changes can be made to projects without difficulty on either side.


Cultural alignment: Many companies fear losing their culture when they outsource to certain providers. High growth companies like startups and small to mid-sized businesses need an outsourced staff that can retain their culture when working. This is nearly impossible with an offshore team due to the differences in language and culture. A nearshore IT team is aligned culturally with most U.S. based businesses because they live in the same region. This prevents major differences in work ethic, productivity, and communication.


Experience: Choosing a nearshore IT team will ensure you work with experienced staff that have worked with U.S. based companies. Most nearshore IT companies have worked with large software and IT companies and are aware of protocols, customs, etc. They also have the certifications and infrastructure to meet the technological, legal and compliance needs of a U.S. based business.


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