When it comes to product development, companies can take several approaches to expand their development practices. Some of the most common strategies that companies deploy include hiring more personnel, outsourcing to an offshore provider, and outsourcing to a nearshore provider. Each method has its pros and cons but working with a nearshore IT provider is generally the most cost-effective decision for most companies.


A nearshore IT provider is a company that is located in the same geographic region as your business. This addresses some of the most significant pain points that companies have with staff augmentation and outsourcing their product development. With a nearshore IT partner, you can retain the highest quality standards while reducing the overall costs of your development. Some of the best reasons to select a nearshore IT partner for your product development include:



A nearshore IT partner is located in your geographic region, and this immediately solves many concerns companies have with outsourcing. Since a nearshore partner is in the same geographic region, you can work in the same time zones and communicate easily. This is far easier than outsourcing to an offshore company that may take 8-12 hours to respond to simple messages.


Nearshore IT companies generally work with companies based in your country. This makes them well versed in the compliance, product and quality requirements needed for your business. The familiarity that nearshore IT companies have with U.S. based companies removes any friction with working and you can start working on projects immediately.

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Cultural fit:


The location advantage of a nearshore IT provider results in no language or culture barriers. Nearshore IT providers celebrate the same holidays and are aware of the customs of U.S. based companies. This facilitates collaboration and communication, which results in faster product deployments for your organization.


Culture is one of the most important aspects of working with an outsourced provider. It dictates how work is done, how fast it is done and general expectations. Nearshore IT companies have worked with American companies for decades. They are in tune with the culture of American companies and work well to integrate with them. Nearshore companies use the same collaborative tools that American companies use daily like Microsoft Teams, Slack, email, Google Drive in addition to working the same hours per week.

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Nearshore IT companies provide your company with flexibility for any kind of product development you want to implement. Whether you prefer Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Squads or any other practice, nearshore teams can integrate with your team easily and begin working immediately. This is far different from other options where your team will have to adjust to working with the company that you are outsourcing to. Nearshore IT teams can work with whatever technology stack and workflows you use to help you meet your product development goals.


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