When outsourcing software development, many companies immediately think of sending work overseas. However, there are plenty of reasons why nearshore outsourcing can be a better option – especially for companies in North America.


There are several important reasons why nearshore outsourcing can be an excellent option for software development projects:

Why Outsourcing Software Development Should Include Nearshore_cost reduction_yuxi global

Outsourcing Software Reduces Costs


When you outsource software development to a country like India or the Philippines, you may be able to take advantage of lower rates. However, there can be hidden costs associated with working with teams in these countries. For example, time zone differences can make communication difficult and delay getting work done. In addition, language barriers could add frustration.


Nearshore outsourcing reduces some of these hidden costs. For example, since nearshore countries are in similar time zones as the US, communication gets simplified. Additionally, nearshore teams often have better English language skills, making it easier to avoid misunderstandings.

Forbes list several benefits of using nearshore in Should Companies Consider Nearshore Software Outsourcing?

Why Outsourcing Software Development Should Include Nearshore_improved quality_yuxi global

Improved Quality


Nearshore teams are ideal for companies already working with third-party providers for some or all of their business or software development requirements. Often, nearshore teams provide higher quality results than teams based in other countries, such as India. In addition, nearshore teams are familiar with Western culture and norms, which helps them align their final output closely with your team’s vision.


Outsourcing offers greater flexibility for your company. For example, nearshore teams are typically more willing to work around your schedule and meet deadlines. Additionally, if you have a specific objective in mind, they can work towards creating a solution to help you meet the goal.


Because many nearshore providers offer competitive pricing advantages, this additional flexibility makes them a logical solution for many businesses and organizations.


Streamlines Projects


Another benefit of nearshore outsourcing is that it can completely streamline the project. Often, nearshore teams can begin project work more quickly than teams that don’t work in this capacity.  


Nearshore leaders like Yuxi Global are prepared to do what’s needed to please clients. And when time is of the essence, this level of dedication to the project matters. The goal of every nearshoring company is to streamline complex programming and IT projects for clients so that they can put focus on their core competencies and business model.


Greater Flexibility


Another notable benefit of working with a nearshoring company is they have the team to back your play, whatever projects you have in your pipeline. 

With a vast and diverse staff of programmers and professional customer support, nearshoring is beneficial for growth. Whether you need an app or software program, these companies have the resources and know-how to get it done.


Nearshore outsourcing can be an excellent option for many companies, especially North America. Considering the benefits makes it easy to see why nearshoring is becoming more popular. If you need ways to reduce costs, improve quality, or streamline your project, nearshoring may be the right solution. 




Among the main reasons, companies outsource software development is to take advantage of the specialization that nearshore providers offer. Instead of going through a lengthy and extensive search for talent to fill a specific role, you can partner with a company that already has the right team. By doing so, you can save the resources of time and money.


When you work with a nearshore provider, you can tap into their existing knowledge base of best practices and processes. Relying on their expertise can help you avoid potential pitfalls and get your project off the ground more quickly.

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Better Support


Another benefit of nearshore outsourcing is providing better support for your company. When you partner with a nearshore provider, you’ll have access to a team of experts who can help you troubleshoot issues and solve problems quickly. 


In addition, many nearshore providers offer around-the-clock support, which can be a lifesaver for companies that do business in multiple time zones. This level of support can be beneficial if you have customers in different parts of the world.


Software Development Quality


Nearshore outsourcing can also lead to improved software quality for your company. When you work with a nearshore provider, you’ll gain access to a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals


In addition, nearshore providers typically use the latest tools and technologies. So when you want to get ahead of the competition, these tools can prove helpful in getting where you need to be.


Suppose you’re a business owner interested in the benefits that nearshore outsourcing can provide. In that case, you should contact the professionals at Yuxi Global to discuss your project needs today.