Case Study:

Empowering Collaboration:
Yuxi Global’s Journey to Revolutionize Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software Solutions for a Top Engineering Solution Provider

with Yuxi Global

A prominent South Korean company specializing in civil and structural engineering and finite element analysis has earned its place as one of the world’s top engineering solution providers. Headquartered in South Korea and with a branch in the United States, the company develops and distributes engineering software and aims to empower professionals in the industry with cutting-edge tools and services.

The engineering solution provider faced a pressing challenge in its quest to maintain its market share and relevance in the civil and structural engineering domain, especially in the United States and South America. The company provided only offline licenses for its Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, which restricted the ability of teams to collaborate effectively. While competitors offered cloud-based solutions and collaborative environments, the engineering solution provider lagged behind, unable to efficiently store files or offer immediate access to design data on various devices, particularly for CAD drawings. The engineering solution provider required very specific technology that would allow them to upload extremely heavy files quickly and provide immediate access via any tablet or computer. Additionally, they needed to be able to manage users and track the actions of those users without sacrificing confidentiality.

Collaboration with Yuxi Global

The collaboration with Yuxi Global began with ProColombia, a state-funded agency, selecting Yuxi Global to participate in a business roundtable with international companies looking to engage Colombian firms. In March 2020, initial discussions commenced with the engineering solution provider’s US team, led by their General Manager for the Americas. Yuxi Global, led by Chief Growth Officer Gerardo Calvo, managed to secure the contract, outshining other top contenders in the bid.

Stakeholders and
Project Personnel

Yuxi Global’s team was initially comprised of one member and later expanded to a team of 14 professionals, including frontend developers, backend developers, a software architect, a team leader, and a scrum master. Other key stakeholders include Yuxi Global decision makers, including the VP of Technology, Director of IT, and a Business Analyst Leader; the Communication Lead, Gerardo Calvo Logrono; and various project-specific stakeholders, including Pablo Diaz and Daniel Misas.

Yuxi Global Stakeholders and Project Personnel

The project was led by Gerardo Calvo, Project Manager at Yuxi Global, and his dedicated team of Developers, Quality Assurance Specialists, Business Analysts, and a UX/UI Designer. On the engineering solution provider’s side, the General Manager for US Operations played a pivotal role in ensuring the project’s success.

Technologies Used

Yuxi Global employed a blend of technologies to meet the project’s unique requirements. Angular was chosen for the front end, .NET for the back end, and Microsoft Azure for cloud deployment. A SQL database was utilized for secure file storage, and external file visualization components, including a licensed tool from a Polish firm, were integrated to enable the web application to visualize the engineering solution provider’s specific file types and sizes.

Challenges and
Lessons Learned

The project encountered its fair share of challenges, including limitations related to file size imposed by third-party components and the engineering solution provider’s servers. Communication hurdles emerged as the engineering solution provider maintained a barrier between their clients and Yuxi Global, resulting in complexities in conveying project progress and understanding client needs. The project required adaptability to accommodate changing priorities and bridge cultural communication differences.


The application developed by Yuxi Global received positive feedback from initial users in North and South America. Such success caught the attention of the engineering solution provider’s HQ Board, leading them to bring the product in-house—a testament to the project’s importance. Yuxi Global managed to achieve remarkable feats with a small team and budget constraints, especially in comparison to other global firms in the same domain.


The collaboration between the engineering solution provider and Yuxi Global was marked by open communication, regular meetings, and a proactive, adaptive approach. The engineering solution provider appreciated Yuxi Global’s responsiveness and over-communicative engagement practices, and Yuxi Global’s ability to work around critical technical issues, such as not having the budget to build the model and licensing it in order to move forward and be successful. Yuxi Global’s guidance and training allowed the engineering solution provider to take ownership of the technology Yuxi Global developed, paving the way for further innovation and success in the field. Future considerations include building stronger relationships with the client’s HQ Engineering Team and focusing on business-aligned metrics to further enhance the bottom line and revenue streams. This collaborative success story highlights how proactive communication, adaptability, and cutting-edge technology can address the unique challenges faced by businesses in highly specialized industries.

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