Adobe is transitioning its Sketch painting program to Fresco, which may confuse. That’s why it’s worth examining what’s changing precisely. 


There’s no cost for users to upgrade to Fresco. Instead, they experience a new UX and new features. Any artwork that users were storing in Adobe Sketch and Adobe Draw was automatically upgraded and are available when accessed using your Adobe ID. Brushes and other crucial elements of Sketch are ready for use with Fresco.


So, that’s all excellent news, and most people have been changing over without difficulty. Fresco relies more heavily on AI and promises to help creators quickly produce work.


Brush System


Fresco boasts a robust brush system that empowers artists to achieve photorealism. In addition, Fresco syncs your work across your desktop, iPad, and iPhone automatically.


Your brushes, fonts, and other go-to assets are always available in your Creative Cloud Libraries, ready for your next stroke of genius.


Fresco gives artists tons of control over brushes, allowing for dramatic artwork. Like most Adobe Products, many additional elements are available for sale that extend the native capabilities of Fresco significantly.


Fresco brushes are versatile and are suitable for professional sketching and high-quality artwork. With support for a broad range of stylus and touch devices, Fresco takes drawing to the next level.



Sketch Reaches End Of Life


Adobe Sketch is now retired, according to the company. However, although people can still access their files, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be able to in the future. That’s why it’s time to upgrade to Fresco, no matter how much you enjoy using Sketch.


You don’t have to do much extra work other than migrating files and upgrading your app. It should be relatively routine, but it’s worth backing up any work before migrating. 


Fresco Adds More Features


Fresco provides greater flexibility than its predecessors, Draw and Sketch. It builds on and extends the sheer power of the prior drawing apps. Since the app boasts the most extensive collection of brushes globally, users will find they have nearly unlimited power and creative control. Depending on the sensitivity of the brush strokes, artists can create a nearly-infinite variety of paintings.


Experience More Fluid Creation


Fresco allows for fluid creation and empowers artists to experiment with different colors, shapes, brush strokes, and alignment. Once users find the perfect combination, they can commit their work. That makes for a more intuitive experience and allows people to adjust and tweak designs to perfection. 


No Commitment To Color


What happens when you’re not that into a color you’ve been using throughout a detailed composition? With Fresco, you can quickly end your relationship with it and change it to something more interesting. Remove limits that stop you from unleashing your vision and experiment until your work meets all of your goals.

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Create With A Grid


A grid-based system makes aligning parts of your composition more accessible than ever. You can click and place objects where they look best and realign anything. That type of total control makes your art look fantastic; it also feels great to do.


Snap To It


The underlying grid means it’s straightforward to snap any object to the precise point you want it to appear. As a result, even experienced graphic artists will enjoy the benefits of granular snapping that helps polish your presentation.


Mask Up


Fresco makes extensive use of masks to make the creative process a pleasure. But, of course, that makes hiding, editing, and placing one-click functions. Fresco cuts the time needed to produce professional sketches and illustrations with its many time-saving features.


Find Tools Faster


The app has several built-in features to help users locate brushes, making it easier to use shapes and pixels when creating ideal illustrations. They’ll even find curated collections that help create singular artwork from the ground up.


Discover Unlimited Learning Resources


Since Adobe is so popular, it’s no surprise that its graphics programs are standard worldwide. As a result, there’s never a shortage of learning resources to take artists from beginner to expert level. You can access everything from live streams through pre-record tutorials that will teach you every nuance of Fresco. 


Fresco is available as a standalone tool or as part of a Creative Cloud subscription. Users who choose the latter will find enormous included benefits and a range of other applications to aid their graphic design ambitions.


Leverage The Power Of AI


Sensei AI helps artists create, which is a significant advantage that Fresco has over alternatives like Krita, Sketchbook, Art Rage, and Flame Painter. AI-assisted art is catching on because it extends native capabilities to artists seamlessly.


Adobe Support


Adobe is a multinational company that supports its products well. So you can expect a nearly endless stream of upgrades that keep people subscribing to Creative Cloud. Fresco is no different, and the app will continue to pioneer drawing features while receiving support from the company.


Adobe remains a thought leader in the graphic design space and, as such, innovates regularly. As drawing tablets and other devices continue to evolve, expect Fresco to do the same. Although there are many competitors to Fresco in the drawing app space, none have the clout of Adobe.


Adobe products tend to lead the industry. They help artists gain experience for professional art jobs. Learning how Fresco works will help anyone lay a solid foundation for creating awe-inspiring art. If that sounds like a goal, it’s worth paying the small price for a subscription and availing yourself of many learning resources.


Standalone Or Part Of Creative Cloud


Anyone can take a 30-day free trial of Adobe Fresco. Then, if they enjoy using the app, they can commit to a standalone $9.99/month subscription. Or, they can go all-in on an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription that grants access to a full suite of Adobe programs for graphic and video creation. Fresco runs on iPads, iPhones, and Windows Desktop. 


Is Adobe Fresco The Right Choice For Me?


If you plan to do professional artwork by drawing and own either an iPad, iPhone, or Windows Desktop PC, you will benefit from a subscription to Fresco. It’s the leading drawing application, and despite having a lot of competition, that’s unlikely to change. Users can tap nearly unlimited vectors, brushes, and shapes to create any type of art imaginable.


Since the brushes are sensitive and customizable, few limits stand in your way when you use Fresco to draw. The flexibility is unparalleled with new experimental features that empower artists to customize every design element as often as possible. You never have to settle for any result less than perfection when tweaking is so easy.

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Live Brushes Increase Drawing Pleasure


It’s never been more enjoyable to draw than when you use Live Brushes in Fresco. You’ll forget you’re using a drawing app, and instead, you’ll feel like you’re wielding actual brushes. You can perform any artistic tactic like smudging oil or blooming your watercolors. Now is the time to experience the unmatched power of a drawing app.


Experience Greater Mobility


Since Fresco saves files to the Adobe Cloud, you can access them anywhere. That makes art creation and updating simple, no matter which device you’re using. That means you can use Fresco to create art wherever you feel inspired. 


When visiting your favorite spots, you can draw outdoor scenes using your drawing tablet. You can always touch things up later!


Get The Most From Fresco


Users who get an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription will learn that the pieces fit together well. You can use Photoshop to enhance your art from Fresco, for instance. In addition, you will find out that the CC is a way to tie your work together professionally, including adding portfolio features to help you show off your work to a global audience.

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It’s Time To Draw!


Fresco is ideal for anyone who’s looking to increase their creative literacy. Drawing opens your creative side up and allows you to create freeform illustrations that are excellent starting points for further development. Then, when you want to add enough polish to display the work, you’ll have all the resources necessary. In addition, Adobe products are suitable for beginners and have paths to Enterprise tools.


That means anyone who starts tiny can stick with their suite of apps and grow into an impressive business. However, for those who already do art professionally, Fresco is an indispensable tool. 


Draw and Sketch are retired, but a fully-functional Fresco has replaced them. Adobe supports the older versions, but there will be no more future releases. So if you haven’t leaped, now’s an excellent time. Fresco is stable, and the company is releasing regular updates, improving stability. Fresco promises to be the leading drawing app for years. Learning the intricacies of the program will empower any artist to work professionally. If you’re ready to create engaging illustrations in a way that feels native, Fresco is the answer.