By: Juan Herrera

Dear reader, let me ask you something: What do you believe in?

  • Some people believe in AI as the only way for the human race to survive
  • Some others believe in JavaScript as the only language they ever want to speak
  • And some others believe in Microsoft as a company that has reinvented itself

Whatever YOU believe, will tremendously shape the way you look at things, and today we want to tell you what WE believe in:

We believe in the underestimated power communities have, and how we are about to change that 💪

1. Our Community 🌎

From time to time it is necessary to question our own actions, to stop looking at the road and start paying attention to the map. It is essential to see the bigger picture every once in a while.

But what have we accomplished so far?

  1. We created one of the most thriving tech communities in Colombia.
  2. We carried out 15 meetups with about 100 participants each.
  3. We run the very first and biggest Angular Conference in Latin America.
NgColombia_community_Yuxi Global

NgColombia: Conference, 2018

And where does that leave us? 🤔

It leaves us with +2000 people impacted positively. BUT…we can only do so much alone, our growth will stagnate sooner or later, and it will be nearly impossible to double our impact for 2019.

Unless we do something fierce about it 💪.

2. Other Communities 👧👦

Ever since we launched Angular Medellín we have received all kinds of feedback. From people suggesting improvements towards a more inclusive community to people praising our tireless efforts.

But the one kind that drew our attention the most was when like-minded people asked us for advice on how to run a community in their regions, including other cities of Colombia, and even other countries 💜.

They NEEDED guidance, the know-how, someone that could successfully walk them through every step of it. And that’s when the idea popped into our minds…


3. A Community of Communities 🌎👧👦

  • Why do community organizers keep working by themselves?
  • What’s stopping them from collaborating and boosting each other’s efforts?
  • Why can’t we work together and impact much more people?

Well, whatever that is, we are committed to change it 💪

As of 2019, NgColombia will now become a nation-wide community:

NgColombia will articulate the efforts of independent organizers into a collective and collaborative work that can have a bigger reach. As such, we will have different chapters:

  • NgColombia: Medellín (Previously Angular Medellín)
  • NgColombia: Bogotá (With their first meetup happening in Feb 2019)
  • NgColombia: Conference (The one you know)
  • NgColombia: Armenia (Coming up!)
  • NgColombia: Diversity Efforts (Coming up!)
NgColombia _Yuxi Global
NgColombia_a bigger reach_Yuxi Global

NgColombia_community_Yuxi Global

his is thrilling and exciting because it will allow us to grow and achieve more! More than ever! 🙌

Organizers will be able to take advantage of shared resources such as:

  • 💲 Sponsorship
  • 🎁 SWAG
  • 💃🤵 Speakers available
  • 💻 Organizing best practices
  • 🎫 Tickets for NgColombia (Conference) and much more!

4. You might be wondering… 🚀

How about the Angular communities in other countries?

We are confident that this approach will be successful. Once we have refined our methodologies and structure, we hope to allow any Angular community in the world to join us.

How about other tech communities such as React or Vue?

The skills required to run a community are technology-agnostic. We will be more than happy to welcome more tech communities to help us validate our approach. Please reach out if you are interested.

What will happen after NgColombia has successfully opened a community in all major cities?

The possibilities are endless. We are talking government support, smoother sponsorship models, international visibility, you name it. We will start small, but our goals are big ⚡.