New Relic is a globally-recognized software analytics company that provides performance monitoring and data visualization tools for web and mobile applications. Many professionals use New Relic’s products, including developers, ops teams, and product managers, to troubleshoot and improve the performance of their applications.


New Relic is a valuable tool for DevOps teams because it provides visibility into the performance of applications in real-time. That allows DevOps teams to identify and fix performance issues before impacting users. New Relic also offers comprehensive performance data developers can use to optimize applications. The result is optimized apps that perform their best.


What Is New Relic, and What Does It Do for DevOps Teams?


DevOps are always looking to increase the performance of their infrastructure. You may even say that’s their prime reason to exist. That means they must understand and utilize a vast toolbox of monitoring and analysis tools to watch their real-time performance.


These professionals must decide between many specific tools or more general ones. 


How Does New Relic Help to Speed up the Software Development Process?


New Relic provides visibility into the performance of applications in real-time. During development, that helps the team identify and fix bottlenecks. In addition, doing so continuously throughout their development process helps them achieve performance benchmarks that matter for real-world applications.  

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How Does New Relic Help with the Transition to DevOps?


The average software development cycle is shortening due to the rise of DevOps methodology. It relies on automating tasks and shortening the feedback loop between developers and operations. As a result, many companies, businesses, and organizations are looking for ways to transition to DevOps.


New Relic is an essential tool for DevOps success. It provides visibility to identify and fix performance issues before causing customer pain. In addition, developers can use New Relic’s data to optimize their applications during the development process. That helps achieve performance benchmarks that would otherwise be impossible.


Can New Relic Be Used to Monitor Applications in Production Environments?


Yes, people can use New Relic to monitor applications in production environments. For example, many of New Relic’s customers use the product to monitor their applications in production. That’s crucial for firms that rely on solid uptime and performance to keep clients happy.  


New Relic designs its products to provide visibility into the performance of applications in real-time. That allows DevOps teams to identify and fix performance issues before slowing the system down to a crawl, infuriating customers. Additionally, Developers can use new Relic’s comprehensive performance data throughout their ongoing development cycle to optimize apps towards the perfect operation.


How Does New Relic Compare to Other Available Tools for Performance Monitoring?


There are other performance monitoring tools in the market. New Relic has its pros and cons. It depends on what your particular organization needs in a comprehensive solution.


Some of the benefits of using New Relic include:


  • The ability to identify and fix performance issues before they impact users
  • Comprehensive performance data that you can use to optimize applications
  • Visibility into the performance of applications in real-time


One of the most impressive features is that New Relic is comprehensive, giving DevOps control over their full-stack. Developers can use one of its Instant Observability Quickstarts to monitor their services. Using the system is the most straightforward way to decide if it will benefit your organization.


Is There a Cost Associated with Using New Relic, and How Much Does It Cost?


Yes, there’s a cost associated with using premium versions of New Relic. However, depending on the features and plan, it depends on the features and intent. They offer a free-for-life program. It’s worth checking out their offering because they allow people to start free without a credit card. In addition, you can gain insights in real-time to determine how their Observability Platform works for your needs.


For more pricing information, you can visit New Relic’s website. They also have learning materials available under their Docs section. Developers will have little trouble setting up solutions, and that’s why New Relic is popular with the DevOps community. 


Adjust According to Your Needs


New Relic is scalable, so feel free to start small and add as many agents as possible. The company provides a dozen different solution points, from infrastructure through browser monitoring and mobile app optimization. Of course, integrating the solution into your workflow will be the critical barrier, but you may always reach out to experienced third parties. For companies that haven’t yet begun to monitor, analyze, and optimize their apps and infrastructure, the gains in performance will be impressive. New Relic is a reliable tool that’s earned its reputation through extended service to the DevOps community.


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