IT project consulting is one of the most technical fields within consulting. It’s very common for companies to have misconceptions about IT project consultants and the effectiveness of their services. It’s important to clear these misconceptions prior to starting a project to ensure your team and the consultants are on the same page. Here are some of the most common misconceptions companies have about IT project consulting:


There’s no need for IT consulting

A popular stance that many companies take is that there is no need for IT project consulting in their business. Although that may be true if a business is doing extremely small projects, this is not the case for any modern company. Without very experienced IT staff on your team, you will need the guidance of a consultant to avoid common, costly errors made in IT projects. Failure to do so can cause delays in projects and ultimately unsatisfied customers.


Consultants can solve all of your problems

Although IT project consultants have extensive experience with IT projects, they cannot solve all of your business problems. When you work with a consultant or consulting team, they are typically hired to help you navigate through a specific project or part of your business. They can share their experiences and opinions on different parts of your business, but they cannot solve all your issues. The purpose of using a consultant is to accelerate your learning curve and help you achieve the goals for a specific project.

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IT project consulting is theoretical

A common misconception about consulting that often translates into IT project consulting is the concept of consulting being theoretical. This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially for IT project consulting. Your IT project consultant will work with your team actively to meet your specific project goals. After strategizing with you about your project, the consultant will guide you and work alongside your team to ensure the best practices for the project are being followed.


The cost isn’t worth it

Hiring a competent and experienced IT project consultant will provide you with a high ROI and cost savings for the entire IT project. Some companies can rationalize wasting thousands of dollars on project delays, downtime, etc., but they have difficulty paying for a valuable IT project consultant. The investment that you make in consulting will prevent you spending money on common mistakes companies make, and you’ll be able to meet your project deadline

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Consultants don’t have industry experience

For companies that are new to consulting, it’s common to think consultants don’t have industry experience. IN PARTICULAR, with IT consulting, consultants need to have project experience and decades of IT work to give practical guidance. Yuxi Global is an active IT company with two decades of experience, and we also provide consulting services for IT projects.


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