What Is The Difference Between Nearshore And Offshore IT Staffing?

2022-08-11T11:29:56-04:00August 11, 2022|

Most IT staffing firms will offer either nearshore or offshore staffing options. But what is the primary difference between the two, and which is suitable for your company?   What Is Nearshore IT Staffing?    Nearshore staffing means that the IT staff is in a neighboring country. That can be [...]

Why Digital Transformation Is Essential For Business Growth

2022-07-08T15:41:57-04:00July 18, 2022|

  Digital transformation is essential for business growth because it helps organizations keep up with the latest technology trends, reach new markets, and improve operational efficiency. As a result, businesses can gain a competitive edge and drive top-line growth by transforming their operations and processes into a digital format. Additionally, [...]

What Is The Difference Between Staff Augmentation And Managed Services?

2022-06-13T16:14:37-04:00June 27, 2022|

So, you're considering adding staff and exploring your options for making new hires. These days, company owners have more alternatives for building their teams; among these options are staff augmentation and managed services.   What Is Staff Augmentation?   Staff augmentation can help your company in scaling your workforce quickly. [...]

The Most Popular Collaboration Tools For Designers

2022-06-13T16:14:00-04:00June 20, 2022|

Visual appeal is a sure way to etch your brand into consumers' minds. But, consider how much time and effort goes into creating perfect logos. Pictures are always worth their weight in gold when influencing buying decisions. The best way to create engaging images is using the most popular collaboration [...]

What Is a Full-Stack Developer?

2022-05-23T11:42:33-04:00May 30, 2022|

There are many types of developers. A full-stack developer has the experience to work on all aspects of a website or application, from the back-end server code to the front-end user interface. A full-stack developer usually has a solid understanding of server-side and client-side technologies. The term "full-stack" comes from [...]

Do You Need A Software Engineer Or Software Developer?

2022-05-10T11:36:33-04:00May 10, 2022|

When you have a software or custom product development in the works, it can be challenging to decide whether you need a software engineer or software developer on your team. Of course, both engineers and developers actively contribute to software development and applications. Still, there are critical differences between the [...]

Advantages Of Outsourcing Software Development Companies

2022-05-10T11:41:26-04:00May 10, 2022|

There are unlimited and solid reasons why companies of all sizes outsource their software development. Among them could be not having an in-house IT department to complete the project, having an urgent deadline, or a set budget.   Whatever the reason, it's crucial to choose a reputable outsourcing company that [...]

Migrating From Angular JS to Angular

2022-02-28T10:05:39-05:00February 28, 2022|

Migrating from one programming language to another isn't something that always goes smoothly. That's especially true for Angular JS. While robust, the framework remains relatively new. However, now that Google has released several successors - including Angular 2 through Angular 5 - many people attempt to decide the best course [...]

Why We Love IT Project Consulting

2022-01-15T14:20:03-05:00November 8, 2021|

Enterprises of all sizes explore different types of consulting services to accelerate their projects and reach their KPIs faster. At Yuxi Technologies, we specialize primarily in IT project consulting. With nearly two decades of experience and clients all over the world, our passion is to deliver and execute on all [...]

Common Misconceptions About IT Project Consulting

2021-11-29T21:20:03-05:00October 26, 2021|

IT project consulting is one of the most technical fields within consulting. It’s very common for companies to have misconceptions about IT project consultants and the effectiveness of their services. It’s important to clear these misconceptions prior to starting a project to ensure your team and the consultants are on [...]

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