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What Is A Front-End Developer?

A front-end developer specializes in developing the user interface and user experience for websites and web applications. Front-end developers use various technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and other popular [...]

IT Staff Augmentation Process Flow

IT Staff Augmentation Process Flow     Suppose you've heard about IT Staff Augmentation Flow but are unsure what this is. In that case, it's an innovative solution that companies [...]

9 Things You Need to Know About Software Outsourcing

Software outsourcing is popular for many sound business reasons. Companies and business owners who don't wish to invest in internal resources can leverage third parties to perform critical functions like [...]

What Is the Difference between Zeppelin and Python?

Zeppelin and Python are popular programming choices that programmers often use for data analysis and visualization. However, both platforms have their merits and weaknesses, so choosing the correct one for [...]

How To Hire The Best JavaScript Developers

When you need to develop a javascript program, you must find the right developer. With technology continuously evolving, projects are dynamic and require new skillsets. This post will discuss hiring [...]

The Difference Between Software Testing and QA

Software testing is the systematic process of verifying that individual software works as expected. QA (quality assurance) is a broader term that encompasses all aspects of ensuring the quality of [...]

Ten Types Of Software Testing

Software testing is a process that helps to identify and eliminate defects in the software product. Depending on the software, there are many types of software testing before ensuring that [...]

Migrating From Angular JS to Angular

Migrating from one programming language to another isn't something that always goes smoothly. That's especially true for Angular JS. While robust, the framework remains relatively new. However, now that Google [...]

Yuxi Global Stop Wasting Time and Money

Stop wasting your company time and money Fill this form and we will share a Success Case for your industry   We deliver scalable Tech Solutions We are [...]