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Nearshore Software Development Company

A nearshore software development company is a company that is located near the headquarters of your company. This is a common type of company that businesses outsource to because they [...]

3 Reasons Nearshore IT works for Product Development

When it comes to product development, companies can take several approaches to expand their development practices. Some of the most common strategies that companies deploy include hiring more personnel, outsourcing [...]

Using Nearshore IT as a Solution to Technical Debt

With many organizations implementing software development strategies like agile and DevOps, companies deploy software at incredibly rapid speeds. Although this has a host of benefits, many organizations are optimizing for [...]

Nearshore IT Teams: Should You Outsource?

With the rapid transition to remote work, many companies have started to explore outsourcing parts of their software development to 3rd party teams. Although outsourcing can be extremely beneficial to [...]

IT outsourcing for software development

Software development is often one of the most important and revenue-generating operations within businesses. The ability of a business to develop programs and applications cost-effectively dictates how fast they can [...]

The Role of DevOps in Custom Software Development

The use of custom software development by enterprises has increased dramatically in the past few years. Enterprises are developing custom software to help innovate on behalf of customers and streamline [...]

Why We Love IT Project Consulting

Enterprises of all sizes explore different types of consulting services to accelerate their projects and reach their KPIs faster. At Yuxi Technologies, we specialize primarily in IT project consulting. With [...]

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