What is a Nearshore Software Development Company?


A nearshore software development company is a company that is located near the headquarters of your company. This is a common type of company that businesses outsource to because they are located in the same region, which means they have similar time zones and work cultures. What’s great about a nearshore development company is that they offer the same caliber of talent without the additional payroll expense. This allows you to tackle complex projects without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money on hiring full-time skilled workers.


Why do you need to work with a nearshore software development company?


  • Location: A key reason why companies choose to work with nearshore development companies is that they are nearby. This allows the nearshore company and your company to work in the same time zones. With similar time zones, it’s much easier to collaborate on projects, handle any urgent needs, and work towards project goals.


  • Cost: Nearshore development companies are much more affordable than working with U.S. -based companies and developers. Since nearshore teams have been working with U.S. companies for decades, they offer the same quality of development without the costs. This alone can save your company tens of thousands of dollars on a given project.


  • Quality: When outsourcing to development companies, quality is often the biggest concern. Although companies look for lower development costs, it’s not worth it if it means poor quality of work. This can be the case if your company works with the cheapest provider for a project. Working with nearshore companies ensures high-quality development, as many large U.S. corporations partner with them to tackle their most challenging projects.

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What do you need to look for in a nearshore software development company?


Technologies: It’s important to look at the different technologies in which a nearshore company is competent. Your project requires competence in different technologies, frameworks and tools. It’s vital to ensure that the nearshore company you work with has this prior to starting any project with them. You can check out the different technologies that Yuxi Global supports here.


Caliber of talent: Your company doesn’t have the luxury of sitting through coding interviews with each developer. You need to ensure the company you work with has the right personnel for your project. Typically, you should aim for companies with the top 5% of talent. You can gauge the talent of a nearshore company’s staff by taking a look at previous projects and case studies and seeing how they approached the project.


Integration: Another factor to be mindful of is how easily can the nearshore company integrates with into your business. For larger projects, you need all team members on the same page and any friction around that can result in project delays. The nearshore team you work with must be flexible and adapt to your business’ specific needs. They should be able to scale up and down based on your project needs.



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