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Integrating strategic technologies and methodologies revolutionize Life Sciences operations

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Integrating strategic technologies and methodologies revolutionize Life Sciences operations

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Client Challenge
The life science laboratories faced fierce competition in a rapidly evolving market, compounded by the struggle to hire technical talent quickly. They required a technology force multiplier to accelerate their development pace, surmount technical obstacles, and remain competitive.
Slow hiring of developers hindered their capacity to handle business demands. The life science labs company’s manual process based in Excel files led to error-prone scenarios, impeded competitiveness, and prevented scaling, leading to increased prices for sample tests. The laboratories needed to automate various aspects of their operations to improve accuracy, efficiency, and competitiveness in the market.
Technologies Used:

Yuxi Global leveraged a range of advanced technologies to automate the laboratories’ processes. These technologies include:

Azure DevOps: Used for requirement tracking, CI/CD pipelines setup, version control, and automated unit testing.

React JS: Employed to develop Single Page Applications (SPAs) for each Life Science’s Lab project.

Microsoft SQL Server: Utilized as the project database.

Internet Information Services: Web servers used to expose the software users are consuming via their browsers.

C# and ASP.Net Core: Employed for backend logic and development.

Azure Service Bus: Facilitated communication between microservices.

Azure Application Insights: For monitoring and logging web app errors and warnings.

K6.io: Utilized for load testing to simulate real-world usage scenarios.

Domain Driven Design: Applied to encapsulate domain logic and improve software design.

Veritas Automata solution:

The Life Science laboratories achieved significant improvements by automating several of their systems. Automation led to: reduced sample test/analysis prices, enhancing competitiveness in the market; streamlined operations, reduced errors, and increased efficiency; and enabled the life science labs to scale its operations seamlessly, accommodating a growing customer base to improve profitability without sacrificing accuracy.
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